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Smith Law Group – Cairns Solicitors

Smith Law Group – Cairns Solicitors

Yes…it’s actually a traffic offence!

One might think taking the dog for a walk while riding a bicycle is harmless exercise – but think again.

One example of an unusual traffic offence you could or may have been guilty of doing in the past is riding a bicycle while leading an animal, by hand or by tethering the animal to the bicycle.

How about this one… The next time you are driving, careful not to forget to turn off your indicator.

Are you aware of the law which prohibits the riding of bikes backwards? How about kids playing games in the street? According to a recent poll, ten cyclists were fined for failing to keep at least one hand on the handlebar while riding. Also, cyclists must ride facing forwards and if the bicycle is equipped with a seat, they must not ride the bicycle seated in any other position on the bicycle.

While these may seem like unusual laws they are in full effect and people have been charged. It pays to be aware of your actions even when you think that what you are doing is ok because there are others doing the same thing. Smith Law Group traffic and Criminal lawyers can assist you with all offences from the obscure to the more mainstream or common offences that you do hear about and are therefore aware of.

In any event, even if you are charged with a traffic offence you should take time to consider whether you are even able to defend it. Yes…there are defences to such charges, not in every case of course but, you should always keep Smith Law Group – Cairns Lawyers in mind.

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