Be Flexible and Have an Open Mind | Smith Law Group Cairns City
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Be flexible and have an open mind

Be flexible and have an open mind

We know that most people cringe at the thought of dreaded legal fees as generally, legal fees are notoriously high and usually imposed at the more difficult or inconvenient times in our lives.

Smith Law Group understands that legal services are costly and it is hard to find the money to pay for services, particularly when you need legal assistance the most. That’s why Smith Law Group is creating a better balance between “pricing and value” when it comes to our legal services.

Be flexible and have an open mind.

As we all know Cairns Lawyers will always be needed and the industry will continue to be a prominent service in the community but for law firms, the times and the demands of clients are rapidly changing and the legal profession needs to change with them. It is therefore important to remain flexible in the approach to the legal services we provide and to do this, our Cairns Law firm is keeping an open mind about its legal services.

We feel that today’s clients are influencing the legal services of today, prompting all Solicitors to rethink the way they work. The legal profession is changing rapidly, causing controversy amongst the profession.

We believe as a new Law Firm to Cairns we really talk to our clients and agree on the scope of the work, and develop budgets, goals, and acceptable risks… And most importantly, agree on a price. When considering engaging a Cairns Law Firm it is important that you ensure that both parties are clear on the price and what is and what is not included as part of the scope of the retainer.

As a boutique Law Firm, even though we offer a vast arrange of services we also can offer our clients a range of prices, each tied to different levels of service, staffing, and timing. As a client to Smith Law Group you would choose the one that best fits your needs, however, you define them.

As your Cairns lawyer and you as our client, we would work together to try to minimize surprises. We could alter the requirements or our prices but only after a new discussion. These would become known as SLG change orders.

The most popular alternatives are built around the idea of value pricing, where the client’s perception of value is the most important factor.

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